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Who We Are | dci lyncon

dci lyncon is a boutique consultancy founded and operated by Dr Peter Lynch. It specialises in practice improvement for professional firms and guidance for individual professionals, with a particular focus on legal firms.

The firm commenced in 1995 as a general business improvement consultancy. After many years working with and developing methodologies for legal practices, the firm narrowed its client scope and formally rebranded as dci lyncon in 2004 to reflect that narrowed focus.

The dci in the name stands for direction, coaching, and improvement. Improvement means different things to different people – as does the question of appropriate direction. We work with partners to explore these issues and then coach them and their people through development and implementation.

We have offices at Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Australia, but we will consider projects within our capability anywhere in the world.

Our consistent aim is to help partners of firms and their teams find an appropriate harmony between their professional, financial and personal objectives, and to use that harmony as a launching pad for building their firms and individual careers. In so doing, we tend to develop a trusted confidante relationship with our clients.

Our philosophy has a strong implementation emphasis. We generally favour effort on helping people to build awareness, knowledge and capability within their firm, over our writing highly detailed diagnostic reports on what ought to be done.

Our approach is to encourage partners to move beyond dealing in broad policy abstractions about where they want the firm to go. We are about getting them to commit the resources, time, effort and discipline to see improvement projects through to their conclusions… at a level of detail that will produce real results.


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