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What, How and Why | dci lyncon

What, How and Why

Exit interviews persistently show that delegation style is a key driver of junior and intermediate turnover.

Poor delegators either don’t delegate at all or simply instruct what to put.

The extreme is the ‘red biro’ style of review which corrects rather than explains. The typical justification is lack of time.

The goal with delegation should be to teach capabilities once – so that lawyers learn and understand why something is important and the reasons it should be done a certain way.

Simply showing what never empowers an employee to deal with subsequent variations where circumstances may change slightly.

So the trick is to slow down and take a few extra minutes to explain why.

Over a reasonably short time the quality of delegated work will improve and your review and correction time will decline.

Moreover, if not provided an environment where this kind of development is enabled, solicitors will simply find one where it is.


Published: Queensland Law Society – Proctor, September 2012 (p.56)


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