The new mobility – opportunity and threat

For some 20 years, delegates in the QLS Practice Management Course (PMC) have been asked what is driving them to be owners or co-owners in law firms. And for 20 years two themes have dominated without exception – money and control. In large practices money typically is first, but control (or related concept) a close

Strategise through your website

Starting this way can powerfully inform the viability of your business model…. The profession currently demonstrates a monumental spread of capabilities in online presence and activity… from the utterly incompetent one page set and forget through to the very active and easy to access (including transactional and assisted transactional) sites. We can say unconditionally that

Important Signals To Clients: Processes

Last month we discussed physical evidence in our series on non-legal capabilities important to clients. We now turn to processes – the way we connect with clients and how they experience us. In some sophisticated lawyer – client relationships (say, in defendant PI and transactional banking) the client actually defines their minimum acceptable processes as

Important signals to clients: physical impressions

Last month we suggested that clients often look to non-legal attributes when judging a law firm. Three broad headings of these attributes are people, process, and physical evidence. This month, we discuss physical evidence (or physical impressions), which greatly influences perceptions of value and quality. Start at reception – 40th floor, glass, marble and chrome