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dci lyncon - supercharged CLE for law firms

Supercharged CLE in your own office is a new way to fulfil some of your CLE requirements while at the same time working on situations / material which has relevance to your own office and any particular issues you may be experiencing. AND because you will typically have a group attending, the per person registration charges will be lower than with individual registration with out-of-office providers.

This is how it works

1. You contact us and tell us about specific issues you want to pursue.

These could be around

  • managing retainers;
  • dealing with difficult clients;
  • client service;
  • communicating bad news;
  • firm governance and partner relations;
  • delegating and supervising;
  • managing productivity – and so on.
2. We then discuss your specific needs, tailor a specific program (one presentation or more), settle a price and date, estimate the available CLE credits available and take it from there.

The benefits are obvious.

Instead of listening to an abstract generalised presentation, your people receive high quality CLE but using your own firm’s examples, your own firm’s issues, and your own firm’s war stories.

3. You get a supercharged result all round!

Supercharged CLE also works well at partner retreats.


Ready to Supercharge your Team?

Booking in a supercharge CLE session is as simple as a phone call.