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dci lyncon - supercharged CLE for law firms

As a Partner (or indeed a Managing Partner) getting people to do what you want them to do can be challenging. Sometimes, you wonder ‘how is it that they just don’t get it?

The answer may be skills, experience, habits, attitude – or you may be contributing to the problem yourself.

ONE to ONE coaching by a credible, independent professional can help identify issues and create improvement plans. Sometimes one simple session is enough. Usually though, some kind of follow up is desirable. AND IMPORTANTLY, our expertise is in building skills on how to improve, whereas many Partners know what they want in their lawyers, but aren’t quite sure how to get them there.

Some typical issues are:

  • Ineffective time management
  • Lack of belief in charge rate and unconscious rate discounting
  • Poor delegation and supervision habits
  • Ineffective priorities management
  • Unproductive perfectionism
  • Confidence in talking about money
  • Unnecessary time on low value activities
  • Unhelpful client communication habits
  • And so on….

We have lots of runs on the board in our ONE to ONE coaching.

And it really doesn’t cost very much…
Remember – relevant skills coaching qualifies for CLE credit.


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