Try Collaborating – It’s Easier than Competition

And no – I am not advocating anti-competitive / illegal behaviour…. I am surprised how many smaller firms live their professional lives as islands – knowing very little about other firms in their regions and simply assuming they are all competitors. Beneficial collaboration works – but particularly for specialists in plaintiff PI, family, and commercial

No Charge Time Entries – Winning the War

Itemised time billing is often experienced (rightly or wrongly) as a relentless one way bargain skewed in the firm’s favour. This can produce various payment issues, including discount demands, and eventually broken relationships. Judicious use of no-charge (N/C) entries for some itemised attendances can change this for the better. Don’t fret about throwing away money

Staff Retention – Think the Three Hats

Maintaining a productive relationship with employed lawyers involves wearing three hats – a boss, a professional colleague, and a friend. Over time, every work relationship will only be as good as the poorest fitting hat. Lawyers are usually independently minded – so if you just wear the ‘boss’ hat, eventually you will drive them away