Business Development – Get it in the Diary

Busy Principals are rarely short of good intentions. They just never seem to have enough time.

Principals tend to have a dominant style – usually as natural connectors (aka finders) or as producers (aka grinders).

Natural connectors have no problems with business development – it’s what they do naturally. But grinders do… and the reason is that when forced to allocate scarce time, they will run with what they are most comfortable with – the files.

The way you solve this is one and two weeks in advance, make phone calls (and not just to the usual suspects) and always have 4 – 6 coffees or breakfasts with clients and referrers forward committed in your book. Get them in the diary. You know you can’t let your clients down with the file work, so you will find the time to get this work done. It’s just the way it happens.

So… turn your good intentions into reality.

Use your diary as a source of business development discipline. Get your appointments into the book… because deep down, you know that if you don’t, you’ll always find reasons why the file work must come first.


Published: Queensland Law Society – Proctor, October 2012 (p.51)


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